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A Complete Course Curriculum in Druidry: Self-Initiation into the Druidic Tradition

A Complete Course Curriculum in Druidry: Self-Initiation into the Druidic Tradition
by Joshua Free

The most comprehensive course in the magick and metaphysics of Druidry, designed for both novice and adept alike by prolific writer, Joshua Free who has developed another revolutionary literary contribution for the New Age. Now, come initiate yourself and gain clear understanding of the 'secret knowledge' of the Druids unlike anything ever before compiled in print!

Perfect for solitary seekers and working groups. Self-paced instruction provided by a leading member of the underground occult community, available without membership and in the privacy of your own home, office or secret chamber. For the first time since its prestigious underground release in 1996, Joshua Free's "Druid Compleat" is finally available in this all-in-one volume, revised, expanded and reformatted to include the complete text from the author's personal Druidic trilogy, available separately as "Druidry", "Draconomicon" and "Book of Elven-Faerie".

DRUIDRY -- Venture deep into the folds of the 'Green World' and initiate yourself to the greatest mysteries of the Celtic World - the Wisdom of the Druids! Providing a new vision for modern Druidry, Joshua Free explores the deep teachings of Druidic Lore, including the core doctrines and codes, triad teachings of the Bards, natural philosophy, the construction of ritual tools and performance of ceremonial magic.

DRACONOMICON -- The Magick & Traditions of Dragon Kings, Druids and the Pheryllt... This completely revised and expanded 15th Anniversary edition of the underground cult classic "Draconomicon" offers powerful teachings and lore of 'dragon magick' and its legacy. Discovering the wisdom & power of the Great Mysteries on a journey beginning in the primordial depths of the primeval abyss of the "Great Universal Dragon" and following through millennium of ageless mysteries into the present age... and the future!

BOOK OF ELVEN-FAERIE -- follow the ancient traditions of Mesopotamia (Sumerian, Babylonian) as they evolve into the mystical, mythical and societal systems of Western Europe. Discover how the most arcane practices actually shaped the beliefs of the western world and learn how mystical lineages of modern "folk magic" can be actually traced through the evolution of human civilization on the planet - all the way back to the ancient Anunnaki and becoming the practices of the Tuatha de Dannan (Tuatha d'Anu) and other Celtic Druid tribes. Ever popular in the underground, this book includes the complete 'Druids of the Necronomicon' discourse with its corresponding "Grimoires" of Elven-Faerie and forest magick traditions, bringing a complete Elvish Tradition to the light of the mortal world for the first time in printed history.

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